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Jackson was treating her 15-member backup dance troupe to drinks at Gerber Group's Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center when the seaworthy men, in town for Fleet Week, asked her to pose for pictures."She talked to them for 10 minutes about their trip and thanked them for their service," says a barfly on the wall, who added that the celebrity encounter moved one of the officers to crow, "Now, I can die happy!

At the premiere of "Smash His Camera," the HBO documentary about Galella, shown at Mo MA Tuesday night, the cameraman admitted that there are some candid photos he's never made public."There is one shot of Jackie [Onassis] that I took at the Oyster Bar," Galella said of his favorite subject, who in the '70s got a restraining order to keep the photographer at least 100 feet from her.Created by Bill Lawrence, the series premiered on screens in 2001, and finished its nine-season run in 2010.Aside from Braff, the main characters were played by Sarah Chalke, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, Ken Jenkins and John C. Over the years, “Scrubs” met with positive critical reviews and was largely praised for its comedic style, and the ability to incorporate such topics as life and death, love and sex.The show received numerous awards, including BET Comedy Awards, Emmy Awards, as well as Peabody Awards.The Lady and the Scamp: Things are looking serious for Zach Braff and British model Taylor Bagley.The pair, who have been stealth-dating since last fall, spent Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons together, then headed to Manhattan, where Braff will appear in "Trust" at the Second Stage Theater come July.

On Tuesday, the couple attended the opening of the Zoe Buckman "Loos" exhibit at Milk Studios, where, according to one spy, "They were holding hands and acting very much in love." That may have something to do with the couple strolling happily through Union Square together the following morning.

Janet Jackson had a group of hunky naval officers at attention on Monday night.

"She was fighting with someone, and her Adam's apple was popping out." Galella says that he never published the shot because "I don't like to see stars angry" - ironic, given that he cheesed off quite a few.

Zachary Israel Braff, commonly known as Zach Braff, is a famous American television director and producer, screenwriter, voice actor, as well as an actor.

To the public, Zach Braff is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Dr.

John Dorian in “Scrubs”, a popular medical comedy-drama series.

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