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X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis showed that the films were solid solutions and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) data showed that the surface of both Zn S1−x Sex and Sr S1−x Sex were covered with an oxide and carbon-containing contaminants from exposure to air.Hong, Min, Chasapis, Thomas C., Chen, Zhi-Gang, Yang, Lei, Kanatzidis, Mercouri G., Snyder, G.Jeffrey and Zou, Jin (2016) n-Type Bi2Te3-x Sex nanoplates with enhanced thermoelectric efficiency driven by wide-frequency phonon scatterings and synergistic carrier scatterings. By detailed electron microscopy investigations, coupled with theoretical analysis on phonon transports, we propose that the achieved κ reduction is attributed to the strong wide-frequency phonon scatterings.We examined the crystal structure of the new thermoelectric material La OBi S2-x Sex, whose thermoelectric performance is enhanced by Se substitution, by using powder synchrotron X-ray diffraction and Rietveld refinement.The emergence of metallic conductivity and enhancement of the thermoelectric power factor of La OBi S2-x Sex can be explained with the higher in-plane chemical pressure caused by the increase of Se concentration at the in-plane Ch1 site (Ch = S, Se).The oxidation of Sr S1−x Sex extended into the film and peak shifts from sulfate were found on the surface.

Luminance measurements showed that emission intensity of the Zn S1−x Sex: Mn alternating current thin film electroluminescent (ACTFEL) devices at fixed voltage was almost the same as that of the Zn S: Mn device, while emission intensity of the Sr S1−x Sex: Ce devices decreased markedly as compared to the Sr S: Ce device.

Emission colors of the devices were altered only slightly due to selenium addition. Although carefully collected, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The impact factor represents a rough estimation of the journal's impact factor and does not reflect the actual current impact factor. Differing provisions from the publisher's actual policy or licence agreement may be applicable.

High-temperature X-ray diffraction measurements for optimally substituted La OBi SSe revealed anomalously large atomic displacement parameters (Uiso) for Bi and Ch atoms in the Bi Ch2 conduction layers.

The anisotropic analysis of the atomic displacement parameters (U11 and U33) for the in-plane Bi and Ch1 sites suggested that Bi atoms exhibit large atomic displacement along the c-axis direction above 300 K, which could be the origin of the low thermal conductivity in La OBi SSe.

The large Bi vibration along the c-axis direction could be related to in-plane rattling, which is a new strategy for attaining low thermal conductivity and phonon-glass-electron-crystal states.

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