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Conversion Cast is the only podcast that gets to the heart of the metrics.Today's marketers are looking for real measurable results to make their businesses stand out and increase their revenue.

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In each episode, we show you real-life case studies from marketers who are already deep in the marketing trenches.A business partner had just walked away with all the business resources, the economy tanked and left her holding all kinds of bills for her business, the real estate market plunged and she lost 40% of the value of her home almost overnight, and she finally had to foreclose on the house. Fast forward 10 years (to today) and Heather is incredibly successful as a business and dating coach, running a supplement company, and passing along what she’s learned. You’re going to get a taste of how Heather views and attacks the world, on this episode of Entrepreneur Unplugged.Heather Havenwood learned that the hardest of ways, through a business failure that took everything from her.Since that time she’s been able to establish streams of income in a variety of sources, in part so that if one of them dries up she still has the others to fall back on .It’s a valuable lesson that most entrepreneurs are afraid to apply because it means diversifying, learning new skills, and becoming a Jack or Jill of many trades.But Heather thinks it makes for a life that couldn’t be better.

You can hear her insights from hard learned lessons by listening to this episode of the show.

For the past 10 years Heather Havenwood has made the bulk of her income through online info products, which she found to be very intuitive and simple to create and build.

Highly respected marketers share one tactic that they've employed to increase their numbers.

They'll give you the hard data of their before and after results -- while showing you tactics that you can use immediately after listening to each podcast.

It's a highly actionable show that's just as entertaining as it is valuable.

Successful was not the word you would have used to describe Heather’s life 10 years ago.

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