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I’d started working with two new clients in the same week.

“I want you to help me figure out who I am,” said one, an accomplished executive coach with a highly specialized, very cool niche, “and how to build an online identity that shows how unique I am.” I wanted to get up right then and there and do a backflip. There wasn’t enough room in that particular Starbucks.) The other client, a leadership development trainer, said, “I want a bio for my blog, which shows my values and personality, complete with my crazy sense of humor.” Here were two people who clearly got how important it is to have a face and a unique voice on the web.Because—let’s face it—you are just a speck in the online galaxy.Every day, tens of millions of people are shouting for attention. You don’t want to come across as self-centered, yet you want to capture your unique self in all its splendor.And how you explain who you are and what you do will make your visitors want to either walk through your door, or run for the emergency exit. How do you write a bio that gets to the core of who you are and makes your readers want to get to know you better?Did you know that your About page or online bio is often the second most-viewed page on your website or blog? A good bio can separate you from the masses and help you rise above About pages that are written in faceless corporate-speak. Regardless of the audience you want to attract and your blog’s goals, smart use of writing techniques can make your bio—and you—unforgettable.A biography is basically a summary of yourself, your career and your accomplishments.

Authors may add their biography to their written work, such as a book or an article, for example, or you may want to provide a short bio when applying for a particular position.

Writing your bio is fairly simple, but it should be tailored to its purpose.

An architect would emphasize their architectural achievements, whereas a chef would outline their culinary training and experience.

It’s the first place your readers will go, if the content on your home page has impressed them. In fiction writing, your backstory usually tells readers what they need to know about the character—experiences and events that shaped her, and impact her thinking and behavior as the story moves along. She told a story of going from “broke, busted and disgusted” to becoming an award-winning coach and nationally renowned speaker.

Whether you sell products or services, whether you blog or write books, people have a natural curiosity about your background and the experiences that brought you to where you are today. It was an important story because it showed her readers that she gets what it means to be stuck, understands the barriers to growth, and knows how to get people on the road to living a life of passion.

Your story helps us understand your personal journey, and we remember it long after the telling is over.

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