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Journalist and talk show host Katie Couric has happily confirmed her engagement to John Molner over the Labor Day weekend.

Katie also dated Brooks Perlin, an entrepreneur, who was 17 years her junior.Chris Botti (born October 12, 1962 in Portland, Oregon, USA) is a smooth jazz trumpeter.His famous muted trumpet is the same model that was once used by Miles Davis.He plays a Martin Committee trumpet made 1940 Handicraft and a mouthpiece from Bach made in 1921 Mt Vincent Bach Corp 3C.He has performed with artists such as Sting, Paul Simon, Josh Groban, Dave Koz, Jeff Lorber, Jill Scott, Michael Bublé, John Mayer, and Brian Culbertson. She and Perlin were together nearly five years but again decided things weren't meant to be. I made it a priority, and I pursued it with some purpose." She is a good example to anyone out there hoping to find love and marriage.

She knew without a doubt that she wanted to have and be a partner again.

It is so important to hold on to the vision of what we want for ourselves, as she did. Be willing to do the heavy lifting which in this case means putting yourself out there.

Even if you wish you could stay home, make the push because the person you end up meeting that night might be the one, or might become a friend who has a great brother.

It increases your opportunity to make connections you won't make if you stay home and watch TV.

Also, let others know what your goal is, and ask them to help by thinking about whom they know who might be a good match for you. You have to circle back around and follow through making sure your number was given, or that you can get a number, thereby closing the deal and setting up a possible meeting, which is just what Katie did. Katie had a variety of different relationships, and dated one man who was much younger.

She didn't lock herself into a certain type, but was open to various possibilities.

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