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"Face substitution is one of the things which probably will get much better over time and we'll see it pop up more places." It’s not hard to imagine a Glass app that worked just like CLMtrackr, masking the faces around you with avatars of all sorts—enlarging our eyes, smoothing out our moles, and adding symmetry where it’s lacking.Maybe digital technology could become an alternative to plastic surgery, as a combination of software and hardware could allow people to craft their ideal digital face and broadcast that around society rather than their flabby analog one.

"It's a really eerie effect to ‘wear’ someone else's face when you're mostly used to seeing your own face in the mirror," Øygard tells Co. "I noticed that I subconsciously changed my facial expressions depending on which face I was ‘wearing,’ which was kind of funny." Indeed, even though the effect is imperfect—full of murky pixels, with a tendency to twist from your face if you turn your head too often—it’s good enough to seriously throw off your sense of self. The effect happens in real time, so as you move, the mask moves with you. This is the power of CLMtrackr, by Audun Øygard, an open-source Java Script project that can use your webcam to map 70 distinct points of your face, then lay someone else’s face on top of yours in a web browser."I think a lot of things are coming together right now that makes it possible to change or augment your perception of reality," Øygard explains.Generally, consumption of a Kit Kat requires two steps: 1) Unwrap chocolate bar 2) Eat chocolate bar But, because the Internet exists, and our inanity-industrial complex keeps chugging along, reality TV person Kourtney Kardashian has now published a video to her You Tube channel explaining her "life-changing" way of eating the crunchy candy. And it involves more than the aforementioned two steps.

Even better, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star claims her process "makes you eat less because you're eating it so slow." Take from from a reality TV person, folks: eating candy bars slower makes you eat less.

In any case, the six steps involved include: 1) Unwrapping the bar 2) Breaking off a piece™ 3) Biting the chocolate -- and only the chocolate!

-- off both ends 4) Biting the chocolate off both sides 5) Removing the chocolate from the top and bottom 6) Eating the crispy middle Kardashian gives full credit to her sister, fellow reality TV human Kim Kardashian, who revealed the process when they were 7 or 8 years old. With instructables like this, it's clear why America feels obligated to keep up with those Kardashians.

The implications stretch beyond a personal identity crisis.

I imagine the feeling of CLMtrackr is what someone experiences after plastic surgery when the wraps come off.

With the click of a button, he becomes a white-skinned Barack Obama. Sure, your brain may very well expect to see Sean Connery’s face within CLMtrackr’s tiny demo box, but your heart still anticipates the comforting, if imperfect, vision of you.

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