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Finally, the internet does not`t recognize borders.

The response rate on Just Answer is usually over 95%, but delays can result depending on the number of Experts online, the question volume, and the difficulty level of the question.Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX was about online dating sites that offer web cam sex chat from other countries.Some of us thought it was immoral to take part in these sites as others thought it was prostitution. You could be charged with child pornography offenses or internet luring.I guess if there is nothing prohibiting them then it is legal however as you stated the under age factor is there and the way young girls look these days it is hard to tell their age. Is there anything else you could add Thanks Ron Certainly it is illegal to communicate for the purposes of prostitution in Canada. Even if the person is an adult but pretending to be under 18 you can be charged in Canada. The Navi people are living in this paradise planet.They are very similar to us humans, but also have a lot of differences.

Navi are much taller, have a blue skin and a long tail.

We already know a lot about them, but unfortunately we haven't seen any sex scenes in the movie.

We are going to fix that disappointing mistake today.

Francine, and I’m the Legal Category Moderator for Just Answer.

My job is to assist customers with pending questions for the Legal Experts here at Just Answer.

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