Wallace huo and penny lin dating

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However, under the continual filming of “Spicy Teacher’ due to its popularity, Lin You Wei and Penny Lin sealed their love with this film.Are these awkward interactions in the drama the cause of their abandon of awkwardness and beginning of their mutual attraction?

As for their scandal, it has been high on the news too.Raymond even generously shared his terms for his ideal girlfriend with everyone, ‘I like girls with long hair since I was studying. I also like girls with dimples as I feel that they’re exceptionally cute.’ The host instantly asked if Linda has dimples.Despite all fans present shouting yes, Raymond calmly replies, ‘No’, hinting between his words that Linda’s not his cup of tea.On the other hand, Linda Chung attended an activity in Hong Kong yesterday and expressed openly that her Mr Right has not appeared.She revealed that she’s been busy filming her new drama ‘Pu Song Ling’ and haven’t been sleeping for 2 days.When asked if she hopes for a boyfriend to take care of her, Linda said, ‘I’ve been hinking about it for many years.

However, all the men around me are simply normal friends’, seemingly drawing a line between her rumored boyfriend Raymond and herself.

PS: I seriously think Raymond needs a change of stylist. If you look only at the bottom half of his body, his 3/4 trousers + sockless leather shoes + skinny ankles looks like an old man’s lower body…. He still looks handsome looking at his upper (: According to Hong Kong media’s report, Moses Chan Ho attended the opening ceremony for the flagship store of a suitcase brand in Hong Kong the day before yesterday, 16th Apr. Moses who self-proclaimed to have reached a suitable age for marriage revealed that his rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu Bik Yee (Liao Bi Er) has already sent him a birthday message.

However, yesterday (19 Apr), the two of them denied dating.

Raymond who was in Malaysia even blatantly express that Linda Chung doesn’t suit his terms for his ideal partner.

While attending his endorsement product’s (coffee) activity in Malaysia yesterday, Raymond was inquired by the host whether he has a girlfriend.

He immediately expressed that he’s currently singele, but said that he’s willing to consider Malaysian girls as they’re lively and passionate and he enjoys Malaysian food too.

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