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It also facilitates the integration of powerful Java Script libraries thanks to a set of extensible components.by Martin Frey https://github.com/Antibrumm/thymeleaf-extras-cache-dialect Some parts of our webpage will not change often during the lifetime of the application or is dependent only on a usersession.

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by Guillaume Drouet WUIC is a Java project that helps developers manage their web statics.JS/CSS minification and aggregation, sprites computation, server/browser cache with eviction on any changes, etc.The dialect helps Thymeleaf users use WUIC features when writing their templates.fragment inclusions statically (without executing the application).https://github.com/thymeleaf/thymeleaf-testing The Thymeleaf Testing library allows developers to create automated tests for Thymeleaf applications and extensions in a very easy and declarative way.Among its features: https://github.com/thymeleaf/thymeleaf-extras-eclipse-plugin The Thymeleaf plugin for Eclipse IDE adds content assist features that make working in Thymeleaf templates nicer and much more comfortable.

https://github.com/thymeleaf/thymeleaf-extras-tiles2 The Thymeleaf Extras Tiles 2 library provides a dialect that allows using Apache Tiles 2 as the layout method of Thymeleaf-based applications.

Features: https://github.com/thymeleaf/thymeleaf-extras-springsecurity The Thymeleaf Extras Spring Security library provides a dialect that allows integrating several authorization and authentication aspects of Spring Security (versions 3.x and 4.x) into Thymeleaf-based applications.

Features: by Emanuel Rabina https://github.com/ultraq/thymeleaf-layout-dialect A dialect for Thymeleaf that allows you to use layout/decorator templates to style your content, as well as pass entire fragment elements to included pages, all to help improve code reuse.

If you've ever used Site Mesh for your JSPs, or Facelets with JSFs, then the concepts of this library will be very familiar to you.

by Thibault Duchateau and Romain Lespinasse is a free and Open Source Java framework aimed at making web development simpler in JVM-based environments.

It helps to manipulate the web assets (JS, CSS) in many ways: good organization and classical optimizations like minification, merging, compression or caching.

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