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So like Crosby, Stills and Nash sang "If you can't love the one you love, love the one you're with!

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Like I am the only person in this country with a love for low priced home goods, watching "2 and a Half Men" and "Big Bang Theory" while eating a double cheeseburger and rubbing one out! These guys are the same ones that say they have never stood before a mirror naked, tucked their unit between their legs and squished their chest together to see what they looked like as a woman.We all did it after watching the movie "Silence of the Lambs" and ended up saying "I'd fuck me!" I'm sorry to say this ladies but we are ALL guilty!For just this reason I will never walk in front of a full length mirror naked again.This blog unfortunately mirrors the author (yours truly.) Some of the humor is not for everyone but I liked it and it's my blog so there!My patrons sometimes ask me where I come up with some of this stuff. With all that in place especially #10, there are a few different types of people that I just don't trust.

I am glad to tell them my mind is a lot like Canada. Anyone who says they do not have or watch TV unless they are homeless. Those that claim to have never been to Mc Donald's, Wendy's, Burger King or just vegans in general.

It is sometimes a bit cold, there are a few dark corners, some of it down right confusing and even a bit dirty but there is also a lot of neat stuff up there. The worst of this group are guys who swear they never masturbate!

Estabelecida em 15 de agosto de 1993, a FÓTON é uma empresa brasiliense que vem ampliando seu espaço em meio a importantes empresas nacionais de tecnologia da informação e sendo referência da capacidade empreendedora. Com o avanço da diversidade dos produtos financeiros e o acréscimo de novos canais de atendimento bancário, era necessário simplificar a interação dos sistemas transacionais para que tanto os bancos como seus clientes tirassem melhor proveito da multiplicidade de ofertas.

Antecipando esta premissa, três profissionais do setor bancário de Brasília criaram a Fóton para oferecer uma plataforma simples e inovadora de integração dos sistemas de missão crítica no segmento de automação bancária.

Portanto, especializou-se na concepção e implementação de soluções de TI que requerem alta performance, segurança e disponibilidade, destinadas a empresas que possuam um grande número de usuários finais em pontos geograficamente dispersos, tais como as instituições financeiras.

For those of you looking for something on the more sophisticated side you have my apologies.

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    Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada on September 27, 1984, to Judith-Rosanne (Loshaw) and Jean-Claude Joseph Lavigne.

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    Just two weeks after he assured the world there’s still “a huge amount of love and respect” between them, he’s suddenly deleted the sweet tweet and unfollowed Swift on Twitter.

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    Kristina de la Cal is a full-time teacher who has been freelance writing since 1991.

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