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Barack Obama's campaign does not release employer or occupation of bundlers.The employers displayed for Obama's bundlers are based on CRP research.Bundlers' names and ranges based on information available on Obama's web site on October 19, 2012 The totals listed in this table are based on CRP research and may not match the contributions visible using our Donor Lookup tool, which searches FEC data based on name and state.Individual contribution data based on data available from the Federal Election Commission on 03/25/2013.Bundlers are people with friends in high places who, after bumping against personal contribution limits, turn to those friends, associates, and, well, anyone who's willing to give, and deliver the checks to the candidate in one big "bundle." Show More Information About Bundlers Even though these donors direct more money to the candidates than anyone else, disclosure can be spotty, candidates generally release bundlers by ranges of fundraising, indicated in this chart with the "max" and "min" columns, and with the top ranges being simply "$500,000 or more." NOTE: Federal Election Commission regulations only require disclosure of funds bundled by registered lobbyists.In 2008, both Barack Obama and John Mc Cain agreed to disclose any bundlers who raised over $50,000 for their campaigns.

Obama's re-election campaign is again disclosing those bundlers for the 2012 election.

No 2012 Republican presidential candidates have agreed to voluntarily disclose their entire bundlers lists.

Adena Friedman is President and Chief Operating Officer of Nasdaq and is responsible for financials, day-to-day operations oversite and budget allocation for each of the company’s business units.

Ms Freidman rejoined Nasdaq in 2014 from The Carlyle Group where she served as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director for three years. Friedman was a member of Nasdaq's management team for over a decade, serving in several roles including head of the data products business, head of corporate strategy, and Chief Financial Officer. Friedman is credited with significant contributions to the strategy and expansion of Nasdaq.

from Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University.

in political science from Williams College in Massachusetts.

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