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This reassurance shield is posted after the onramp from the Cactus City Rest Area.The power lines closely follow Interstate 10 as the freeway prepares to descend into the Coachella Valley. Towering Mount San Jacinto, which has been visible on Interstate 10 westbound for several miles now, dominates the skyline in the distance.

With Indio below sea level and Palm Springs at an elevation of 466 feet above sea level, the vertical escarpment of Mount San Jacinto is among the steepest around.The tallest mountain in Southern California, Mount San Gorgonio, will come in view just north of Mount San Jacinto.The freeway will pass through San Gorgonio Pass, which separates these two tall peaks, when it leaves Coachella Valley en route to the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino).This mileage sign provides the distance to cities of Coachella, Indio, and Los Angeles. Mount San Jacinto is still visible in the distance, but companion peak Mount San Gorgonio comes into view to the north. And then maybe doing a link roundup once every couple of days saying “here’s what you’ve missed by not adding the Free Beacon’s Editor’s Blog to your RSS feed.” So, yeah. It is also the first feature that Walter Hill, best known for hardboiled features like Last Man Standing and Red Heat, as well as the premiere episode of HBO’s Deadwood, has directed in a decade. Bullet to the Head is an adrenaline-fueled, rip-roaring good time that asks little of audiences while still managing to fill their most basic filmgoing needs. For the record: I don’t agree with every argument made in this piece (I think the whole argument about the various waves of feminism is a [...] I don’t have enough time to fully dive into the silliness of this Slate piece arguing that Archer is especially homophobic, but I do want to highlight one bit of especial silliness: On the other hand, Archer often plays off the kind of homophobic stereotypes that historically fostered so much fear and hatred toward gay people. So here’s the deal: I’ll still be posting stuff here. Mostly I’ll be posting what I was posting here over there. Feel free to complain about it here, as we’ll have no comment section over there. It is a fun film, one that doesn’t strain the cranium—indeed, it might aggravate the brainpan if one gives it too much thought—while also providing plenty of eye candy. Here’s another (NSFW for language) revisionist take on the film, this time in video form.

Stay tuned, though: There’s a-doings a-transpiring! ) : Mildly overrated, in large part because it falls into the category of “interesting” cinema, Beasts of the Southern Wild is less interesting as a narrative exercise than as a time capsule of early-21st-century American neuroses.

(The teaser was better.) (Sorry things have been slow here, been busy at work.

I have been lax about updating this here blog (obviously) because I wanted to convince you folks to swing by the Free Beacon’s Editor’s Blog all on your own (a strategy that appears to have worked, judging by traffic stats). Viewing the film in IMAX 3D was less an experience than an endurance test.

But it’s been a few months so I figured I’d throw up a few links for any stragglers. A few pieces of note over the last couple of weeks: , where I work when I’m not blogging about Rob Zombie trailers, is starting a blog!

But it is an assault on the senses, an overly loud blast of static that at times—I am not making this up—left me seeing double.

Ray [...] Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters is not the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

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    Denise reportedly told Child Services that the boys had grown violent towards her own daughters, their half sisters Sam and Lola Sheen.

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