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We have taken the speed dating concept and have created NY Minute Dating, the most SUCCESSFUL and FUN way to meet other singles in New York.At our event every participant will go on up to 15 dates. After every 5 dates, there is a small 8-minute break so you can gather your thoughts on the people you just met, mingle some more, or get a drink.

On a match card that we will give you at the beginning of our event, you will write down the names of the singles that you liked; and if one of them pick you too, then there's a "match" and we will forward you each other's contact information the very next day!Email: [email protected] During the course of a long-term marriage, couples naturally reach a comfort level concerning the most private aspects of their lives. Your go-to source for the best in love and sex advice, essays and more from Huff Post -- and beyond!But what happens when someone goes through a Gray Divorce? So, as another season of my life comes to a close and the realization of turning 60 on my next birthday hits me and the sadness and grief of those lost dreams and hopes seem to keep playing in my mind to the point of ... Here, you'll find all the latest stories, news and more surrounding dating, marriage, divorce, sex and modern relationships.What's it like for an over 50, newly single person to begin dating and start from scratch with a new partner? We re-met at our 10th high school reunion over the 4th of July weekend, 41 years ago. Here's 41 things I've learned in those intervening years. Seriously, this woman was so INTO what she was doing and so INTO her partner that it would still would have been hot if she was slathering his cock with peanut butter while reading him the federal tax code.How do you know when to sever a long marriage that has been withering for months, or even decades?

Increasingly, as life spans are elongated, I get more angst-ridden dispatches like this from women 50 and beyond on the fence about following Tipper Gore's lead.

Gleb Tsipursky Co-founder and President at Intentional Insights, a nonprofit that helps people reach their goals using science to build an altruistic and flourishing world, and professor at Ohio State University.

There's no doubt about it: speed dating is here to stay.

It has been popularized on episodes of "Sex and the City" and in the big hit movies "Hitch" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin." It was also memorably introduced in episodes of "Flavor of Love," "The Two Coreys," and "Gene Simmons Family Jewels." We're glad you made it to our site.

About six months ago my dear friend Carrie showed me her tattoos. Never in a million years would I have considered ink on my bod. I was in awe of how cool it looked and how proud she was of her war paint.

What I really learned is that the absolute most effective way to turn on my partner is to be confident and enthusiastic.

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