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Whether you’re a little lonely in Linlithgow, pure pining in Penicuik or rather romantic in Rutherglen, our Scottish singles can’t wait to meet you. From city to village, across hill, glen and lochside, Scots. Singles’ membership isn’t confined to the central belt.

1000’s of once-single Scots have already met their match thanks to trusting their online dating to Scots. Gay or straight, looking for love or just for fun, Scots. Of course the real test when it comes to finding dates in Scotland is if you live in Auchenshoogle. Dating in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee gives you more choice of members, dating venues and dating events. We list what’s on and who’s where in easy searchable chunks so you can find what you need with ease. If you have to drive 30 miles for a pint of milk your choices of dates will be slightly more limited. Spurred on by her braveness I joined up and despite living a fair bit from any city I’ve met some stand-out guys both relatively local and from further afield.” Glasgow . Become a Member of Our Online Matchmaking Service and Meet Amazing Scots.Simply be Who You Really are and Let Us Know What You are Looking for.A few weeks later when I asked if we should meet I half expected to hear all sorts of excuses but he agreed and we arranged to meet at the local restaurant the next night. We got on like a house on fire and the night flew by.

There were none of these strained pauses we just had a whale of a time.” We met with me wearing a pink carnation and Liz carrying a rolled up newspaper it was like something out of a film.

For some reason I put on a Russian accent and spoke code to which she replied in actual Russian and at that moment I knew that this could be something pretty brilliant.” I was reluctant to get involved with online dating until a friend joined a site and had several enjoyable dates.

Singles’ sole purpose is to help you in your quest. But isn’t finding you heart’s desire worth more than dairy products?

We DO have thousands of members across Scotland so you needn’t walk 500 miles.

We left the gallery and had a nice romantic walk along by the Tyne – fed the swans, kicking autumn leaves, that kind of thing and I knew that this could be something good. I think the quick coffee date lasted five hours all in!

” At first I thought it was a fake photo because you hear of these things but I went along with his slightly flirty messages and I realised I was having fun for the first time in years.

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    Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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    I assure you I will have plenty of posts about the dates I have gone on with guys I’ve met online (both the good and the bad, special emphasis on the bad) but today I would just like to give my 2 cents on the Do’s and Don’ts of what to put on your online dating profile.

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