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However, what you should know about the company is that it was amongst the first ones out there that allowed you to get a black chrome coloring for the body of your guitar.

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When the Schecter guitars started to be produced on a large scale, the quality and sound were impacted and the company's reputation was damaged quite a lot.David Schecter is the one that started the company which is currently located in California in Van Nuys.Initially, it started out as a manufacturer of replacement parts for Fender and Gibson guitars, numbering innovative tapped pickups and brass pic guards.The former are actually an excellent addition to anyone who owns a guitar, because it will help out a lot with adding a double coil pickup in a single coil package.When you get it, you will be able to produce the humbucker sound by turning the second single coil pickup off and on.If you are into guitars, then you know very well that the Schecter guitars are actually some of the high end guitars on the market and they sound incredible.

However, the brand is very well known because they build custom made guitars which you can order through authorized dealers.

This is a rare brand of guitars, so if you own one you should be considered lucky and feel privileged.

The company has been around since 1976 and this is actually considered a pretty young brand.

In 1991, the company was purchased by EPS Guitars and the L. Musician's Institute, but even still, David remained involved. EPS and Schechter however started to evolve differently and in time, the company managed to build on its reputation once again.

It seems that this was a lucky and really smart move, because the company also got to be endorsed by Mark Knopfler which improved its reputation very much.

In time, members from the band "The Cure" also had only good things to say about these guitars and that's how Schecter became really well known amongst Cure fans.

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