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I called her after our third date to ask her out, but got her answering machine. ” Does it mean, in Icelandic, “Step off, you American slug? I sure think so, and to that end, let me offer some pointers: “I have had plenty of opportunity to tell men, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,’” says one woman I know. Doesn’t a guy deserve something straightforward, honest, and a little more human?

“She was straightforward about it, saying, ‘You're a great guy, but the chemistry is just not there for me.’ I knew what she meant and appreciated her honesty.We’re still friends.” “Some guys will accuse you of being psychologically damaged, afraid of commitment, incapable of love.Remember, they’re all saying one thing: ‘I want to keep seeing you.’ So when they tell you what a horrible person you are, as some guys do, try a nicely-worded exit, like, “Well, I wish you didn’t feel that way, because I think the world of you.I hope in time you’ll remember our time together fondly.” Some guys will ask, possibly even beg, for another chance.If you want to give it another try, by all means do.But don’t do it because he wears you down with his badgering. And it’s only going to make the next breakup harder.

“I dated this guy I met online,” says a 25-year-old female advertising executive I know, “and it started to form into a quasi-relationship but I realized we were just not right for one another. At the time I was about to start looking for a new apartment and was getting promoted.

He told me that it is really stressful to find a new apartment, and that is what gave me the excuse.

I met Liliato on a train to a mountain lake, which seemed to portend good things. Third date, live music, the chuckling, long kiss goodnight, during which time she moaned “mmmm,” which, being a simple man, I thought meant there were would be a date four, five, and so on. If she weren’t interested, I reasoned, couldn’t she do what bipeds with the gift of language tend to do in this great country of ours and just She answered the phone in her unmistakable accent. Now I tell the truth: ‘I like you a lot and always will, but I don't see us as a couple.’ It hurts, but at least it’s over fast.” Some men will insist on knowing specific details, such as what about them you find unattractive or particular things about your relationship that you found unappealing, perhaps in the hopes that he can change those things and persuade you to try again. According to the Talmud, the hangman always uses a very soft rope.

She was from Iceland and had a very sexy, exotic accent. You’re breaking things off with the guy—that doesn’t mean you need to tell him you never liked his footwear, the way he hogged the television remote, or his mother. “One woman handled things really well with me,” says one guy I know.

Second date, a movie and ice cream, more with the convivial chuckling. It’s easy to see now that Liliato’s lack of response meant she didn’t want to hear from me anymore, but I didn’t see that then. Those were almost always messy, usually long and drawn out and uncomfortable.

When she didn’t call back for a few days, I called again, left a message with her roommate. ” Had her answering machine malfunctioned; had her roommate failed to pass on the message? “I have tried the standard ploys, from merely physically distancing myself from the guy to not returning his phone calls and e-mails.

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