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He has no interest in taking over his father's failing manufacturing business, nor is he willing to marry the young woman his parents have chosen for tactical reasons (her father's quid-pro-quo investment could save the company), but he can't bear to hurt anyone's feelings in asserting these independences.Too, he is a romantic, and he cannot resist either falling in love himself, or taking the opportunity to help another young couple get together.

Zoya Akhtar has done a nice job inserting Singh's comic talent to break the tension of nearly every confrontational scene in the film.Perhaps less intentionally, he's also the breath of air that revives the movie whenever its flags.Ranveer Singh doubles down on all that charm and energy in Kabir's romance with Farah (Anushka Sharma, tearing up the screen again in her third film of the year), the lead dancer in the stage show on the cruise ship that the Mehra family has commandeered and on which most of the movie takes place.Kabir and Farah shine brighter than anything else in the film, with joyful and mostly unselfconscious energy.the movies have offered stories about universal emotions - such as romance and loss, family and sacrifice - and lent them an escapist quality by setting them in the sparkling, enormous mansions and the shiny left-hand-drive convertibles of the colossally rich.Zoya Akhtar's does the same, attempting to update the template for the cynical multiplex era.

Her characters are not good-hearted innocents who undertake well-meaning but ill-fated deceptions on their way to happily-ever-after.

They are self-absorbed, manipulative, controlling, damaged modern people.

This doesn't take the movie in the dark direction of, say, Ang Lee's , one of Hollywood's better forays into the privileged-people-doing-selfish-things narrative realm - rather, Akhtar plays these foibles mostly for laughs, only edging toward old-fashioned filmi heart-tugging at the very end. The film has a few silly devices and can't consistently maintain the snappy pace of its best sequences, and it does not have anything profound or subtle to say.

But on balance it is highly watchable and even, in some moments, shines quite brightly.

Most of that shine is carried by Ranveer Singh, who is charming and funny as Kabir Mehra, scion of the wealthy-but-faltering Mehra family.

Kabir is perhaps the film's most delicately crafted character; he is part people-pleaser and part rebel, which if you think about it is not an easy combination to pull off.

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