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I wnt a guy down for foot fetishists and slaves ask me baby cutie or call a whore a bitch when I.There wasn’t much wiggle room in his remarks, which discredited the Jets’ efforts in their comeback victory. The Chargers were up 21-10 at halftime, but their vaunted passing attack was limited in the second half. We took our foot off the gas pedal and we lost because of it.” Another big part of the Chargers loss was undisciplined play, to the tune of 13 penalties for 95 yards. The San Diego Chargers beat the San Diego Chargers. “Battle” director Zachary Treitz and his co-writer, the actress Kate Lyn Sheil (who makes a cameo in the film), worked hard to get their research right, especially since the film is an atypically accurate...Quarterback Philip Rivers had just one completion in seven attempts in the third quarter and he threw two interceptions in the fourth quarter. True to his prior statements, Mc Michael pinned those flags on his team walking out of Met Life Stadium on the wrong side of the score line. Authorities are searching for a teenage boy who allegedly groped two women minutes apart in the Morrisania neighborhood in the Bronx. on Tuesday, July 5, a 39-year-old woman was walking near the corner of Elton Avenue and East 156th Street when the teen grabbed her behind before fleeing the location, police reported.“We had them down and we took our foot off the gas. RELATED: NYPD seeks Bronx psychologist accused of sexual assault on teen Just 15 minutes later, a 33-year-old woman walking near 2882 Third Ave. The Red Sox (46-38) would be wise to take care of business at Fenway Park this weekend – the final weekend before the MLB All-Star break. I’m taking the credit away from us.” No indie is easy to make.The Sox have had a bizarre week-plus as they’ve looked like they were ready for a monumental collapse (the 21-2 loss to the lowly Angels at home last weekend) one night and then looked like one of the best teams in baseball the next.

The Sox won two of three against the Rangers (53-33), who own the best record in the American League, but have had to...

It’s not exactly the “good ol’ days” of the AL East when the Yankees and Red Sox not only jockeyed for supremacy of the division, but for the best record in baseball. The Tampa Bay Rays are the only team in the division that has zero shot at the postseason as we enter the final weekend of play of the first half of the 2016 season but the Orioles, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Yanks are all in the mix. A live, 10-minute video of the aftermath of a police officer shooting a black man in Minnesota was the latest example of the riveting power of video streaming and the complex ethical and policy issues it raises for Facebook Live and similar features.

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In a bizarre series of postgame comments, Chargers tight end Randy Mc Michael attacked the Jets and put all blame for the San Diego loss on his teammates. The guys in this locker room, we lost the game.” Mc Michael was a bright spot for the Chargers -- with three catches for 45 yards -- his second-highest receiving total of the season. Add on that it’s a historical saga, and it’s a nightmare.

Mc Michael went after the Jets’ secondary, which was largely successful in shutting down the Chargers’ offense in the second half. But rather than graciously accept defeat, Mc Michael instead minimized a strong second-half performance from the Jets and talked down about his own team. Making “Men Go to Battle,” about two farmer brothers in Kentucky in the early days of the Civil War, wasn’t a breeze, even before they had to shoot in and around cabins and small towns that looked like 1861.

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