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What basketball fanatic wouldn't like a pillow that resembles a basketball?

Sew a football pillow for the football fanatic in your life! Use this free pattern and directions to sew a pillow that is safe to be thrown inside the house.Follow these links for the best free directions I've found.Sew pretty pillow cases rather than break the bank buying them and make them in the colors and fabrics you want!Imagine the smiles on a child's face who gets a pillow case with their favorite characters on it!Follow these simple step by step instructions for great results that even a beginner can achieve.More » This pillowcase is a great beginner project.

Once yard of fabric is quickly transformed into a usable pillowcase with all straight sewing skills.

Choose the fabric and color you like to have pillowcases that are exactly what you want!

Do you and your family love to relax at the pool or beach during the summer?

Making your own pool pillow is an easy and fun crafts project for your family.

Novelty pillowcases can cost a small fortune and is usually made with a poor quality fabric.

Sew your own and have control over fabric quality and design!

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