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How big is North Korea's army compared to South Korea?

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Click the image below to enlarge it • Download the data • More data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian It's certainly not comparing like with like: North Korea is a small, impoverished and isolated country; South Korea is wealthy and backed by the world's number one superpower.DPRK is indeed a fascinating destination with a very beautiful culture and ancient history.NOTE: this page is not politically biased nor am I writing on behalf of someone or any government. The reasons why I enjoyed my time in North Korea are immense – the same way I have many reasons to enjoy all the other more than 100 countries I have visited so far.DPRK cities were heavily bombed and turned to rubble by the US during the Korean War, so most of the infrastructure in the country is built in a socialist Soviet architecture style, also called as Socialist Classicism or Stalinist architecture.They never call themselves the names we do either: officially, it's the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (that's the North, to the rest of us) and the Republic of Korea.And, while the South is westernised and industrialised, the North has the distinction of being the most corrupt country int e world (joint with Afghanistan), according to Transparency International, have a high infant mortality rate and homicide rate - plus have one of the lowest press freedom scores anywhere in the world.

The big caveat with all this data is the fact that we know very little, really, about North Korea.

These numbers, estimates as they are by the UN and other bodies, are almost certainly wrong. Full links and data are available for download below.

People often point out reasons to dislike North Korea.

Personally I only travel to enjoy places and things such as colors, people, little details, architecture, sounds, tastes, sunsets, smiles, etc.

Because I never travel to dislike or criticize, on this page I will show you 88 images – photos – reasons that made me like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Whatever reasons you might have to criticize DPRK, I invite you to indulge yourself to discover one of the least visited countries in the world.

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