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Following his drive to hunt drove him all over the country, taking everything from a 12 foot gator with a bow to hunting Alaska's big game with the primitive Atlatl.He thrives on finding adventure and was nicknamed the "Juggernaut" for his ability to not be stopped.

Keeping his drive for the wild, Matt searched for his dream job.His work ethic earned him jobs from installing bank vaults to working on cruise boats, however he lusted for a job in the wild.As if second nature, Matt began guiding big game hunts and out of necessity for better gear he started his own company.To better serve his country, Matt decided to join the US Air Force where he learned important inner strength and fortitude.After an unfortunate injury, Matt was forced to go back to the civilian life.Age: 32 years old Occupation: Owner and Operator of Extreme Instinct LLC, making custom knives, survival gear and teaching survival classes Current Residence: Lakewood, Colorado Relationship Status: Engaged Survival Skills: Primitive Weapons, Fire, Trapping, Hunting, Primitive Fishing, Flint-Knapping, Basketry, Cordage, Hide Tanning, Shelter, Water Purification, Tracking, and Navigation Matt was born in Colorado where he grew up with a love for the outdoors.

While other kids played with toys Matt was out submersing himself in nature.

Living in the mountains he began to discover his passion for survival and devoted himself to become one with the wild.

He enjoyed learning traditional archery and primitive weapons, he even harvested his first bull elk at only 12 years old.

Taking this military training and his passion for making custom knives and teaching others the art of primitive weapons and wilderness survival, he grew his business from the ground up.

Matt now teaches special operations wilderness survival, is a big game hunting guide and makes custom knives.

Many of which are sent to professionals and elite military members serving worldwide.

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