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But you don't need to internalize anyone else's negativity, unless it's already your own. You're tired of somehow being at the bottom rung of the ladder and always looking up.

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Unfortunately, you might feel as if you're in over your head when you realize your master plan got...Although your friendly nature usually puts others at ease, much to your surprise it could have the opposite effect now.Don't try to convince anyone that you're on their side, especially if people...You might believe you already missed the chance of a lifetime to pursue your dreams.You're hard-pressed to keep up appearances today, even if you begin the day with a hopeful heart.But an existential encounter with self-doubt is not nearly as bad as it sounds, especially if it...

Your words brighten someone's day today, but only if you're willing to talk about your feelings.

Sometimes you steer clear of personal disclosure because it places you in a highly vulnerable...

Garlic is a delicious addition to many different dishes -- but one of the flavorful herb's most impressive uses is actually one of its least well-known ones.

Incredible life-hack will leave you in awe The presumptive nominee was brutally challenged by one of his sharpest Republican critics in a testy, intense exchange during a closed-door meeting Thursday.

' You've been very critical of me' Multiple people who'd been attending the protest targeted by snipers Thursday described the deadly and 'strategic' ambush of 11 Dallas police officers.

Terrifying raw footage captures chaos Your hope blossoms today, only to be shut down once again by someone close to you.

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