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Maggie and her husband, Greg, spent a lot of time with us and the four of us got along very well.

That of course sparked questions from her sister about us being undressed.Growing up I spent a lot of time nude I have been sleeping nude since I was a teenager. During my first marriage, I spent a lot less time nude than I would have liked but after my divorce I spent a lot more time naked or nearly naked.It was not uncommon for guests and partygoers that dropped by to find me undressed and many even enjoyed shedding their clothes and joining me. My wife Carly and I had only been for a few months when I started staying undressed longer after sex or when I got up in the morning.Soon she started to sleep nude and spent more and more time nude as well.As the years went by, we found that as soon as we got home from anywhere we would shed our clothes.My wife explained that we do not tend to wear much, if any, clothes when we are home.

Her sister confessed that her and her husband also spent a lot of time undressed and that they too were home nudists.

They chatted about they joys of being clothing free for a bit and I didn't think too much about again.

I was wonderful having a nudist wife to share my nudist life with.

As nudists, it's not always easy to let others know, especially family members.

Carly and I had spent a lot of time nude together, but as a couple we had not been nude around others yet.

Carly and her sister, Maggie, have always been close (I was shocked when I found out how much they had talked about).

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