Intteracial dating

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Black men and women choosing partners outside their race is not a matter of attraction or chemistry or a taste for the “forbidden fruit.” Sometimes it’s not as deep as the manifestation of some deep-rooted psyhological complex.(Thankfully) the answer is much simpler: The joining between the races is an issue of economics above all else.Given the fact that historically, men earn higher salaries than women, it only follows that one would yoke themselves with someone with whom they’d be able to join finances.

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In the past, a white woman had a better chance of her family accepting her African American partner if he were a doctor, banker, celebrity or professional athlete, i.e., someone who made a lot of money.Whatever the resistance before, white males can use economics to justify marrying or dating women of different races even without stating so. America has an odd relationship with interracial dating.It is only natural that a certain percentage of people, both male and female will be attracted to someone of a different race.We know it is difficult for some families to deal with and understand interracial relationships, but if a person is judging you based on a set of montatary standards maybe that's isn't the kind of relationhip you what to be in.There would be economic justification for accepting the male into the family.However, since females earn less than males, African American females who dated white males found it harder to be brought home.

Using the economic logic, how could a white male justify the relationship to his family unless the female was just as or more wealthy?

Nevertheless, times have changed and we are even seeing more African American women dating and marrying Caucasian men.

According to the Census Bureau, in 1970, 28 percent of wives had husbands who were better educated, and 20 percent were married to men with less education.

By 2007, the comparable figures were 19 percent and 28 percent.

In 1970, 4 percent of husbands had wives who made more money; in 2007, 22 percent did.

Because there are many black professional women with sizable incomes, white males are now more likely to bring their African American girlfriends home to mama.

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