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Russian women are now the most popular brides in the world. You know, Famous Russian poet Nekrasov said: "Russian woman can stop the horse at full galloping." And Russians add witty: "..maul to rider's mug." Oh those Russians! You can tell she'd be a great addition to your already fulfilling life.

By: Christophe Article Directory: author of the book "Internet Dating Mastery" is a recognized authority on the subject of Internet Dating with over ten years of experience. This is the reality of a beautiful woman on an internet dating site. You've already seen her profile and now you MUST find a way to get her eyes on YOU. Now, I like to use subject lines that are ambiguous. When she sees an email like this in her inbox, you'd better bet that she's going to open it. Because, you are going to be the real MAN that stands out and gets her attention. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF RESPONDING TO ONLINE DATING PROFILES! If you don't have a great subject line then your email will NEVER get read. That's why we have to put good subject lines in our response. The questionnaire is designed to let the profile writer get to know you really well, including your preferences for the kind of people you would like to date. Once you have your arsenal, you're ready to respond to all the hot women in your area.

I just might forgive you if you're up for a challenge. Then come up with ways to start off an email using each subject line.

" Women love a good mystery and nothing is more mysterious then a subject line that has her wondering why you wrote it. If you don't she'll feel tricked and move on to someone else. I might start off my email like this:"I mean, here you are sitting there with 50 emails in your inbox and it took you this long to get to mine? The most important thing is to get her attention right off the bat. So, write down a list of ten creative, eye-catching, and ambiguous subject lines similar to the example above.

Ones that leave her wondering, "What is he talking about? Now, you need to be sure and explain it in your email to her.

Based on your answers, the profile writer will write an ad profile for you and you upload it to your dating site. You will also get an unbiased and candid assessment of your photo(s).

The photos are rated on a 4-level scale: Below average, Average, Above average and Excellent (our team has looked at thousands of online dating photographs).

[If you need more complete services than the ones offered here, send us a detailed email with your requirements.

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