How many college students are dating

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I often felt in college that hanging out with someone I liked among friends allowed me to get to know him better than going on a 45-minute date alone ever would.

highlighted a class at Boston College in which the professor offers extra credit to students if they ask another student out on a date.(The date is mandatory in another one of her seminars.) The rules: it must be a legitimate love interest; they must ask in person (not via text, etc.); the love interest cannot know the date is an assignment; and the date must last 45-90 minutes and cannot involve any sexual contact.Professor Kerry Cronin argues that the exercise will teach college kids ingrained in the so-called “hookup culture” the lost art of dating.Well I’m here to inform that professor that we 20-somethings don’t need help, thank you very much.Asking a boy or girl out via text is safer: the rejection feels less harsh on the screen than in person.And yet despite the fact that we like to hide behind our screens, we don’t need Cronin’s lesson in “doing something courageous,” as one of Cronin’s student describes it.

Two college kids may be much more likely to kiss before one of them ever asks the other out on an actual date.

But I would argue that it takes as much—if not more—courage to lean in for the first kiss as it does to ask someone out. Often, college kids meet potential love interests hanging out in groups with friends and friends of friends or at parties.

It’s true that dating has probably become less common on college campuses since the 1950s—or at least the Archie Comics version of dating where a boy and a girl sip a milkshake together through two straws.

Instead college kids have discovered an even better way to find a significant other.

Professor Cronin has three main concerns: college students no longer have the confidence to ask one another out on dates; so they instead resort to group hangouts, which erodes the dating culture; and hookups have supplanted relationships. I’ll concede that the number of college kids asking each other out on dates has probably dropped significantly.

According to a 2012 Pew Research poll, 63 percent of teens exchange texts with their friends every day while only 35 percent engage in face-to-face socializations with those same people outside of school.

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