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It stays faithful to the book series, and once again Katniss and her teammates are faced with the challenge of staying alive in the Hunger Games.

His work as an actor is amazing, despite the fact that he is not interacting with anyone else. Hannibal Lecter is a refined cannibal who shapes a great deal of this movie, still considered to be the top serial killer movie of all time.Though this is a crime movie, it has been referenced multiple times in films of all genres and has made it into the ranks of the classics.The protagonist is a hitman named Jules, and though the story is quite serious, there is a great deal of humor sprinkled throughout the film, as well as clever pop culture references.This movie was released at a time when nuclear holocaust was a real threat.The idea of an alien invasion had actually not been all that farfetched just a few years earlier.People watching this movie today may think that the special effects are over the top, particularly the flying saucers; however, this film is well-made and has been a source of inspiration for many a disaster movie.

This is a great one for anyone who loves dark comedies and stories about mean girls in high school getting their comeuppance.

Winona Ryder plays the only girl with a conscience in a clique of nasty girls who terrorize their peers, and her plot to bring them down takes place with all sorts of dark events, including teen suicide, happening along the way.

This one is worth watching simply because it is a part of the Hunger Games series.

The acting in this movie is powerful, and the character of Lecter remains astoundingly complex as well as creepy.

Even though the title makes it seem like this film is all about dirty movies, don’t be fooled.

It is actually a beautiful story about Joe and Peggy Sarno, who have been together for decades and felt real love even though society was judging them for their choices in careers. The film goes through the events of his life, a tale which, in itself, is fascinating.

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