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If the spouse does not have enough unearned income of offset the allocations, the allocations will be applied to the spouse’s earned income.

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Keep in mind that many assets are not considered resources for SSI.For example, a home that you live in, usually one vehicle used for family transportation, some burial funds and policies, pension funds, and several other kinds of assets are not deemable assets and do not count towards the resource limit.The amount of income that is deemed to an SSI recipient from his or her ineligible spouse depends on the amount of income the “deemor” has, on whether earned or unearned income exclusions apply, on the number of non-SSI-eligible children in the household, and on whether the ineligible spouse has sponsored an noncitizen’s immigration to the U. Several steps are involved in calculating the amount of income, if any, that is deemed available to the SSI applicant.First, if there are minor children in the household who are not eligible for SSI and who do not receive public income-maintenance payments, then an amount equal to the difference between the unreduced federal SSI rate for a couple and the unreduced federal rate for an individual is allocated and excluded for the child’s support.An allocation is also deducted for any alien that the ineligible spouse has sponsored.In 2016 the difference between the $1,100 couple SSI rate and the $733 individual rate is $367.

This amount is reduced by the amount of most types of income the child or sponsored alien may have.

Second, after these allocations are determined, they are used to reduce the ineligible spouse’s income, starting with any unearned income.

Qualifying for SSI disability medically is one step in getting benefits. Deemed resources and deemed income refer to the portion of your ineligible spouse’s income and resources that are considered to be yours and that are used in calculating your SSI payment and in determining whether you meet the SSI resource limit.

For a more information about deemed income, see our article “Why Do I Have to Give Information about My Family’s Income and Assets When I Apply for SSI Benefits?

” If an SSI applicant or recipient is married and living with his or her spouse, the spouse’s countable assets are added to the SSI-eligible person’s countable assets.

Then the total is compared to the SSI resource limit for couples, which in 2016 is $3,000.

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