Dating people who love dogs

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Being with your pooch naturally puts you at ease and shows people you're open to meeting them.Dog owners tend to talk to their pets, which is actually an endearing quality.

If you've never been to a dog park, it's definitely an experience.People who love animals tend to bond easily even if they don't have a pet of their own.If you do have one, it can provide plenty of ways to meet new friends.The best part is, you'll already have something in common so conversations may flow a little bit easier in the beginning.Here are ten ways dogs make it easier to connect with a potential new (human) pal.They bring out a variety of people, from pet owners to those who just like to watch the pooches run around and play.

You get to see how people interact with their pets, which can be a telling part of their personality.

Hanging out at an animal park can be a great way for individuals and couples alike to make new friends.

Some things to chat about at the park include: Many coffee shops have outside areas where you can hang out with your pet.

Make sure your dog is socialized so if a stranger walks up and talks to you, it doesn't bark or snap.

Remember, you're trying to attract people to you, not repel them.

Even the healthiest of pets need to go to the vet occasionally, and each time you do you'll have an opportunity to connect with other animal owners and even the staff. No matter where you are online, at work, in a store), having a dog provides you a conversation starter with another pet lover.

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