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1 Have a good profile in place The first thing a woman’s going to do is read your profile, yet so many men are so eager to get on with contacting women that they don’t put any time or effort into what they write.A good photo is obviously a must, too and you can get away with quite bland messages if your profile pic is attractive enough (humans are shallow, what can I say).

But don’t worry, if a woman likes your first message, she’ll take a chance on you even if she’s not entirely sure about the pics. 2 Be Respectful Different women are going to respond in different ways to different messages, but the vast majority of women prefer to be treated with respect.” or some sort of tongue in cheek chat up line can be fine.3 Pay attention Look beyond the woman’s picture and have a good read of her dating profile.Apart from knowing whether you’re likely to be her type, it’s going to be a treasure trove of conversation starters.It’s fine to be a bit cheeky and flirty, but there’s a fine line between that and being rude, creepy and sleazy.Unless you’re on a hook up site, don’t offer sex straight away or ask about what the woman likes in bed, don’t discuss her anatomy in a direct way and for god’s sake, don’t send any dick pics.

It might seem obvious,but apparently it oh so isn’t.

So basically “you have nice tits” is out, but something like “fancy a pint?

Messaging women on a dating site is not always easy.

Competition can be tough, especially if you’re aiming for an attractive woman.

Also, the medium can be a bit confusing, with many men being unsure of etiquette, what women want or expect and what constitutes a good first message.

Here are the five golden rules to keep in mind when you’re composing your first message to the possible woman of your dreams.

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