Dating agency for blind people

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Time affects us all, disabled people included, and I believe that it is imperative to design your life in the way you wish and to gain autonomy over yourself. ” I am still shocked by the amount of people who pass this comment with a look of incredulity on their face about how my dress sense amazes them.

Do you ever face those moments in your day where something cringe-worthy happens to you?Do you find yourself thinking how wonderful it would be if the ground would swallow you up?In life I find that there have been many obstacles that I have had to face.But, one thing that never seems to vanish are the questions I get due to my disability.Scope invited me to discuss my views on these misconceptions right here on the Scope blog. In short, if glasses did help me I would certainly be wearing them. Having switched from using a long cane to a guide dog, my walking speed and posture has changed an awful lot and I now walk in a confident manner and with purpose. ” One of the biggest stereotypes around sight loss is that everyone who uses a long cane or a guide dog must have no vision whatsoever. Disability is one small part of a person and should not be used to classify their place society. Some people with sight loss may be able to give you eye contact, or at least use their hearing to look in the direction of where your voice is coming from. Some people think that my sight loss will increase their chances to ‘pull’.If a person with a guide dog walks confidently and ‘not like the stereotypical blind person’ this does not mean they must be a guide dog trainer! One person with a guide dog may be fully blind, another may have some remaining vision like myself. ” This comment, in my opinion, appears to imply that people with sight loss or other disabilities are less than ‘normal’. Never presume that sight loss is all in black and white, because there are many different shades in the spectrum! In the past this has shattered my confidence and made me recoil from dating situations.

I would always advise that when you discuss the topic of sight loss with a guide dog owner or long cane user that you use the term ‘visually impaired’ as it a more accurate representation of sight loss. My sight loss should not be used as an advantage for other people to exploit. ” As a writer, my thesis on life is to experience as much of the world and people within it as possible.

Disability as a whole is something that is misunderstood when it comes to dating situations and that is why I praise Scope for including dating as a key aspect of their End The Awkward campaign. Meet new people, experience different cultures and live for every second.

Some of them are the most awkward and frustrating moments I can recollect.

Some make me want to recoil in sheer mortification.

Recently I created a video on my You Tube channel after reading an article by a young women in a wheelchair about the top ten sayings and questions that she gets due to her disability.

It inspired me to relate my own version about visually impairments. ” I get this a lot when first meeting people and after what seems to be an eternal age of hearing it, I feel that it is time to set the record straight: I am not a martyr. But, alas the problem lies not in the eye but in the optic nerve and for me, as with many people with sight loss, glasses do not help. ” There seems to be a misconception surrounding guide dog owners and the way that they mobilise in society. ” Different individuals have different levels of vision, one person may be able to read print, whilst another may be able to see color. ” This is one of the more uncouth sayings I get in social situations such as the pub or a restaurant.

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