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– A world of danger and a board of play on tilt, where friends and enemies align and the powers that be are not always on your side.A world where the shifting sands are sliding, falling, and a new day is on the rise.

The new king, young Calien Shellten is looking for allies in the wake of his father’s murder.The nobility fight for power and wealth, influence and position.It is each house for his own, as remnants of a devastating plague leave this world with a boy king on the throne, surrounded on all sides by those who wish to manipulate him for their own gains. Set in medieval times, nestled in an area with mountains, ocean, bogs, forest, and town, there is plenty for your character to do and make a name for themselves. – Love Bites is a fantasy role play that is more directed towards adults but also safe for 16 and up ages.It is set in a future were there is only one town due to a nuclear war, it has taken nearly 3000 years for the vampires and werewolves to get it ready for humans and other humanoid creatures. They wake up in an island, called Belegorn, where strange creatures live together, and dormant powers arise. In the land of Velleriin, Vega Eyrie is where they call home.Not many places are alright for humans as it will take a long time until earth is healed and humans can go about building the world again. Our game begins when a strange phenomena occurs on Planet Earth on January 1st of 2012, only a few seconds after midnight. Gryphons bond to those who are special, those who have what it takes to protect the land of Velleriin.Although from the shadows the mythical creatures rule, it is to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Vega Eyrie, the largest Eyrie in northren Velleriin, is home to the largest cross breeding pool of gryphons, from royals to fighters to intellectuals to the wild ones who call the forests around Vega their own home.

On Midnight Isle you will meet others who are looking for sizzling romance, those to collar or those to serve.

Vampires are at war with Demons and the other races — Humans and Elves — are caught in-between.

Visitors from a far off land have spurred royal interest in the prospect of exploration off island.

Join the king and his friends in a world of intrigue, chivalry, and last but not least, parties.

– Five islands, five kingdoms, united under one king.

Between the five provinces alliances are forged and broken, intrigues abound, and blood runs thicker than water.

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