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As a profession, let's at least be logically consistent in our positions." "What about caring for a person with whom you have had a relationship in the past? "How about the conflict with having to care for someone (in the ER after hours, as an example) with whom you have/had a relationship or conflict?

Once you're married, you can't have sex with your wife because she will also be a patient of yours. Most participants were dead-set against a doctor dating a current patient, and many objected to a physician having intimate relations with a former patient as well, regardless of how much time may have elapsed, a position that mirrors that of the American Medical Association (AMA) and most specialty societies. ' Neil Chesanow March 26, 2015 A recent Medscape Ethics Survey, in which more than 21,000 physicians took part, found that having intimate relations with a patient, although still taboo to most respondents, is no longer as unthinkable as it once was to a significant number of doctors.Be that as it may, the survey revealed that the number of doctors who believe otherwise is growing substantially.In the survey, 68% of participating doctors felt that having an intimate relationship with a patient, whether current or former, was unequivocally unethical and wrong.That's down from Medscape's 2010 Ethics Survey, in which 83% of the respondents took that position.

While only 1% of doctors in both surveys felt that sex with a current patient was permissible, only 12% of participants in our 2010 survey believed that it was okay to date a former patient; in our most recent survey, over one fifth of the respondents (22%) felt that this was no longer taboo.

" I think we are enormously misguided, if not narcissistic, to believe that there is no amount of time out of the physician/patient relationship that 'resets' the relationship," an emergency physician wrote in response.

"If 'individual patients often unquestionably submit to a physician's authority,' as an expert was quoted as saying, then we should give up on the concept of medical informed consent, as our patients clearly cannot separate themselves from the omnipotent physician/patient relationship adequately to be able to give such consent.

This is why hard-and-fast, zero-tolerance rules are always a bad idea." "I think that it borders on delusional to believe that we as doctors are so all-powerful that it is an abuse of power and a crime to have a sexual relationship with a competent adult who happens to have been or even is a patient," a psychiatrist wrote.

"If such an act is to be a crime, don't you think each case stands on its own to show the harm done?

Otherwise, the authorities should respect a doctor's privacy and stay out of the bedroom." "It's like many blanket statements—not applicable in all circumstances," an emergency physician wrote.

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