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And I have never lost an argument about him, because no one can prove that he isn’t a gifted, talented performer. And I will prove it to you in 40 point list format. If you weren’t impressed by Keanu’s mean, Southern Redneck in The Gift or at least agree he was impressively intense, well then we have nothing to talk about. I promise when you finish reading this piece you will respect, admire and appreciate the talent that is Keanu Reeves. Just click the “X” and leave this site immediately. Contrary to popular belief, has never won a Razzie Award. Deferred part of his salary on The Replacements (2000) so Gene Hackman could be cast.

Without being asked, gave $38 Million dollars to The Wachowski Brothers so they could properly finish the Matrix sequels. Let’s see Tom Cruise drop that much for one of his clunkers. Has worked with the following critically acclaimed directors: Francis Ford Coppola, Ron Howard, Bernardo Bertolucci, Gus Van Sant, Sam Raimi, Taylor Hackford, Lawrence Kasdan, Stephen Frears, Richard Linklater 5. Keanu’s name means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian, which is pretty cool. Showing extreme foresight and good judgment (which is more than I can say for Sandra Bullock), passed on an easy $10 million payday to star in Speed 2, because he didn’t think the script was any good. He has been heckled and flamed and deplored because he has good looks, but a vacant affectation. I just happen to be dumb.” At least the man is brave enough to admit who he is. Is not nearly as stiff, wooden or stupid as Paul Walker. He is perceived as a flat actor, devoid of charisma, empty of emotional depth. I have been a fan of Keanu since his Bill & Ted days. I have defended my love for the man who would be Neo to every one of my friends and family. I have gotten into screaming matches with people I barely know, just because I heard them bash the man. Once and for all I am going to prove to the world that Keanu Reeves does NOT suck. Compare that to Jean Claude Van Damme, which is loosely translated in German as “giant douchebag”. The night before he was to shoot his kissing-heavy love scene for A Walk in the Clouds, Keanu took a hockey puck to his mouth, requiring six stitches.

He still showed up the next day for work and shot the scene over the course of six hours.

Decided to leave his band “Dogstar” so that the rest of the group would not be held back by his celebrity or by his busy schedule. Has worked with the following Academy Award winning actors: Al Pacino, Gene Hackman, Rachel Weisz, Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Marisa Tomei, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Anthony Quinn, Kevin Kline, William Hurt, and the guy who played Bill in Bill & Ted’s.

If I were to tell you about an actor that has worked consistently in major Hollywood movies for over two decades, has worked often with Academy-Award winning writers, actors and directors and has a legion of fans who follow him in all his movies no matter the genre or story, what would your immediate reaction to this person be? Twenty years of studio movies, he must be talented? In interviews he comes across as an insightful, cerebral, well-rounded person who doesn’t mire himself in the vagaries of stardom and never asks for more than he needs. Which is more than I can say for a few other jackass actors/wannabe rockers (ahem, Russell Crowe). Managed to keep a straight face all the way through the abysmally crappy Sweet November.

” Based solely on the description of the actor written above, with no names attached, would you ever in your right mind assume that the person was bad at his craft; that he sucked? And yet, if after giving you that description I told you the actor was Keanu Reeves, I bet I know what your reaction would be. His co-stars glow about him, and quality directors line up to put him in their movies. How can he suck if he’s still making big movies twenty years into his career?

And yet, for some inexplicable reason, he is plagued by this notion that he is dumb. The majority of his early peers are gone and forgotten; actors like Christian Slater, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Andrew Mc Carthy, et al, and yet here he is coming out with a huge new movie this Friday (The Lake House). Yeah, it gave people the impression he’s an idiot, and no, it’s not Shakespeare, but c’mon, who doesn’t love Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure!

He has survived critical drubbings more severe than he deserves. You’ve got smart people, and you’ve got dumb people. Which is more than the following actors who many claim are “better” than Keanu: Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Leonardo Di Caprio, Colin Farrell, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Ethan Hawke, Val Kilmer, Jude Law, Matthew Mc Conaughey, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, Tim Robbins, Kevin Spacey, Vince Vaughn, Dennis Quiad and Al freakin’ Pacino! Almost never shows up in tabloids, an extremely welcome quality considering the glut of media whores we have today (ahem, Tom Kat!

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