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This is what your clients will see when opening the apps of most of our competitors: Have you seen anything like this on any professional dating or social networking website? Now you have your own website and now can use it the way you want. Currently we are working on 8 new templates and mobile apps.

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The users just download your app, with your name and logo, and log in. This is a lot better than the old obsolete model of plain monthly charges when the user "notices" the big payments very well and may wish to stop them at any moment. No professional dating or social networking site in the world is run is something like Word Press.As it is done in all the other social and dating apps like Facebook, POF, etc. Chameleon itself is now 1000 times more complex and feature rich than Word Press and is a professional standalone system.It is something really strange to want to connect Chameleon to Word Press.It is like wanting to run a Ferrari on a Fiat engine. Some sites offer general apps where you need to enter the site's address. Our apps are made individually for each client, have the website's logo, title, contents.Usually to develop such apps from scratch you need to spend thousands.

We offer this very same service for free or nearly free of charge.

Just because we love our clients and think they deserve the best!

has won numerous awards as the best dating and social networking software.

You can start your business with any software on the market but if you want to start with the best - use ABK's experience and dedication.

In the URAN framework, instead of the front page saying: "Meet New People In New York!

" that has a link to it, I would like it to say: "Register and access the site free for a limited time!

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