Cam zap captures sex

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Imagine looking out your window and seeing someone on top of a building with a large telescope looking down at you.

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Last fall I moved to a small town in Japan for an artist residency, ostensibly to continue my work with VR and webcams.But the dark times caught up with me and I felt compelled to ask some deeper questions, like, when cameras are everywhere, is it possible to become invisible from them?The more I learned, the more I realized the answer is, well, yes and no.I began by aiming an inexpensive laser pointer directly into the lens of a video camera. The tiny beam neutralized regions of the camera sensor far larger than the actual size of the beam.Private webcams empower friends and family to see each other remotely, and to check up on the safety of their homes and their loved ones. While hidden cameras are clearly an invasion of privacy, visible public cameras can be as well.A camera placed in a legally valid site can peer into otherwise private spaces.

Their connections to the Internet enable arbitrary numbers of users to watch anonymously.

And telephoto lenses enable cameras far greater vision than that of the human eye.

Cameras are ubiquitous today, and, from a technology perspective, the revolution is just beginning.

Video cameras are becoming smaller and cheaper while the Internet is enabling unlimited live webcasting.

Web camera usage has grown from one in 1991 to hundreds in the mid-1990s to hundreds of thousands today.

Video cameras the size of postage stamps can be procured for under $100, and will certainly become even smaller and cheaper. Public webcams enable remote users to see what they would otherwise need to visit, and empower local subjects to have a voice and a face to the outside world.

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