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All casts were great in PO especially that lil actrees, very talented.

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After graduating with honors from Cornell, he earned a master’s in business administration and was pursuing a doctorate in economics at the University of California, Los Angeles, when “American Gladiators” came calling. Reherman, who followed “Gladiators” with a successful career as an actor-producer, died at his home in Manhattan Beach, his publicist, Anthony Turk, told The Associated Press.After “Gladiators” ended he went on to work constantly in television and film over the next 20 years.He had small roles in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Last Action Hero” and in “Star Trek Into Darkness.” He made guest appearances on such TV shows as “Ellen,” ”Caroline in the City, “Gilmore Girls,” ”The X-Files” and “The Shield.” He was a regular, as special agent Ross Hardison, on television’s “The First Family” and had just recently filmed an episode of “Jane the Virgin.” He also appeared in several episodes of “K. Undercover,” a Disney show that begins its second season this month. Look forward to watching his other movies n dramas. Granny, I was also remembering of how hard our parents raise us, their children, thank to our beloved parents ... You really nailed it, I really can feel your emotions every time even when you happy or sad.. Granny but I always like his role as well :-) I am happy that you were glad watching Ms.

Congrats as you amazingly portrayed a perfect gentleman BLACK... Granny last year, I forgot promoting it to you :-) it is a good movie, touching story, and the main actrees is very talented one, I love all those songs sung by her at the movie especially when the song video clip showing her young life moments as a young mother taking care her little son without husband , I got teary eyed while watching this scene, and some scenes made me laughed out loud :-) Lee Jin Wook appeared not much in Ms.

You made me fall in love with you when you acted as Mr. I like Lee Jin Wook with all types of hair style:) Many said his middle parted hairstyle in TTWWNIL looks not good on him but I love it much, makes him look very natural, easy going,and cute :-) I watched Ms.

Black, it is a good drama, Lee Jin Wook's actings are awesome there!bye my friend, see you again :-) @ulva moon, powerful opponent is really good. I like both Su-Ho but appearance wise, I preferred the after, because I don't like the curly hair on Jin-Wook. I'll leave the comments on the drama to that page to concentrate on LJW himself. I am glad I watched it as I am very affected by my father's health conditions. See you B) @ulva moon, I've just finished PO yesterday and today, there's an emergency with my father.

Have you many kids? I will be waiting for your comment on Powerful Opponents page, the ending was open and I did not really get it:-) Ah yes, you must watch Goodbye Mr.

Thanks so much for your pray for my baby search, Christina, thank you!We currently have found a very cute baby boy , we are about completing the procedures for adoption, thank God to let us being parents, hopefully we will be good parents for him.

! I think we must watch Lee Jin Wook's new movie Time Renegade soon , it has been released at all cinemas in Seoul on last 13th April 2016, and it got 500,000 viewers at the first weekend (box office in Seoul) and its said will be also airing in all Indonesia's cinemas on coming 22nd April.

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