Aol 9 5 restarting issue updating

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I can create an issue for our backend team to investigate and we'll figure out what the issue is. I've tried with another email account, and it's working.

(like normal SMTP's do) If i'm running from the command line itself i got the same message.When i try to add an email account it always says that i need to check the credentials. Hi, I have also tried to setup imap/smtp on N1 till it decided not to try and connect to my local sync-engine instance and I gave up. I run my own mail server, uses postfix + courier imap.I'm pretty sure that the credentials that i'm inputting are 100% correct, since i use them on Postbox (which auto detects these) and even on Airmail, and they work perfectly fine, without any hiccups. The imap credentials passed fine but when it got to SMTP it wouldn't authenticate.I have my SMTP server set up to use STARTTLS and at no point did the sync-engine even attempt to contact my mail server. At the end of the day the client looks pretty but having a MITM between my mail client and my mail server just isn't worth it.Especially if I'd be forced to bounce my email through a third party server. Hey @brunogaspar — we've tested the IMAP support with a range of different settings (under the hood, we use our IMAP support for Yahoo / AOL / i Cloud, etc.) Could you give me your connection settings sans any sensitive info (username/password)?client_id=eco3rpsghu81xdc48t5qugwq7" Both return status 403 not working for me either, for a custom imap setup with ssl and old certificates.

"Please check that your SMTP settings are correct." works in Thunderbird, but only after i accept weak dh via config tweak, and works in gmail android client when i say "accept all certificates".

maybe there's an "issue" there with n1 being "too strict"?

Even if i manually set the smtp to 25 (in command line test) So, i can't see anything, unless the Api send us more information.

I have version 0.3.19 and this is still not working this morning.

Run Copycurl -X POST -d '{"settings":{"imap_port":993,"imap_ssl_enabled":true,"smtp_port":587,"smtp_ssl_enabled":true,"imap_host":"","imap_username":"[email protected]","imap_password":"","smtp_host":"","smtp_username":"[email protected]","smtp_password":""},"name":"test","email":"[email protected]","provider":"imap"}' "

client_id=eco3rpsghu81xdc48t5qugwq7" 403 Run Copycurl -X POST -d '{"settings":{"imap_port":993,"imap_ssl_enabled":true,"smtp_port":587,"smtp_ssl_enabled":true,"imap_host":"","imap_username":"[email protected]","imap_password":"£,"smtp_host":"","smtp_username":"[email protected]","smtp_password":""},"name":"test","email":"[email protected]","provider":"imap"}' "

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